Learn About Our Expert Pittsburgh Dog Training!

Our expert Pittsburgh dog trainers work with some of the most severe cases in the area, including dogs suffering from anxiety and those exhibiting aggressive tendencies. Pivotal Dog Training has helped keep dogs out of shelters and in homes, using a reward-based training protocol that has produced behavioral success for nearly three decades!

Equipped with a veterinary team, and backed with an expert office staff, Pivotal Dog Training will help all clients find the best training plan for their dogs, that meets all their needs and behavior goals. If you have a dog with aggression, anxiety, bad manners, or any issues that are disrupting you and your dog’s life of peace and happiness, then contact us and our office staff will be thrilled to help you and your dog get the right, customized training plan with our company.

Pivotal Dog Training will address and help your dog overcome the following behavioral issues:

  • Aggression (fear, human, dog, sibling, cat, child, leash, etc)
  • Anxiety (with the crate, separation from the owners, with guests/strangers, and more)
  • Excessive behaviors (chewing, barking, digging, other destructive habits)
  • Basic obedience (commands, house breaking, recall, distraction training)
  • Leash training (pulling, lunging, reactivity, etc)
  • Hyperactivity (jumping, running uncontrollably, playful nipping)
  • And more!

Training for ALL Ages

We offer training for puppies four months or younger to learn the basics of being a happy, well-behaved dog. For any older dogs, we offer basic obedience training, aggression rehabilitation, and we also have an expecting parents program which works on getting your dog prepared and well-mannered with a new baby in the home! Pivotal Dog Training has found some of the best results with private, in-home training, but we also offer the excellent Practical Pet Protocol group obedience classes in various locations in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas!

Let’s Get Started!

Call us to get your dog started on the path to behavioral success and harmony! All our training programs are commitment-based and strives to get the job done and leave you with a behaviorally balanced pup! Before any training begins, we will meet you for an initial in-home behavioral consultation, so that all the necessary information on your dog’s problems are noted, and so that all your training goals are acknowledged and included in the training plan for you and your dog. Call 412.533.3947 to set up an appointment for your first consultation, or write us using our contact form! Change is possible and we WILL bring you the success you and your dog deserve!


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