Aggressive Dog Training Pittsburgh – No Dog is Beyond Help!

Aggression is one of the toughest cases to handle, and can be emotionally draining for many dog owners and lovers. The fear of a dog biting another dog, another person, or a child, is a frightening idea to imagine, especially when that aggressive dog is yours! Many aggressive dogs have some deep-rooted anxiety and fear that needs to be addressed. It’s a challenge, but Pivotal Dog Training is always ready to take on these severe cases!

Our Expert Pittsburgh Dog Training programs have great success with helping clients and their dogs combat the following types of aggression:

  • Fear
  • Food/resource
  • Toy/treat
  • Dog
  • Human
  • Child
  • Cat
  • Leash
  • Sibling
  • And more!

Why do dogs become aggressive?

Often times, aggression is stemming from a variety of problems, such as fear/nervousness, anxiety, frustration, lack of leadership, and more. Dogs suffering from aggression are doing exactly that – suffering. Our Pittsburgh aggressive dog training program works to not only deal with the aggression symptoms, but also to eliminate the cause. We want our dogs to stop snarling and snapping, but we also want to bring peace of mind and happiness in the dog’s obedience as well!

How can we help your dog?

We specialize in aggression cases, and many times, they will get the call for the dog that was deemed “hopeless”, or even the dog that was handed a euthanasia sentence. Our committed and expert trainers have turned the “lost causes” completely around, and have saved thousands of dogs from euthanasia or a miserable life in a shelter! Unfortunately, aggression is a common issue and there is the misconception that once an aggressive dog, always an aggressive dog. We are ready to break this myth and make you into a believer!

All aggressive cases will start off with an initial in-home consultation so that our trainers will be able to map out the best training and rehabilitation plan for your dog. We work with committed owners until we get the positive results our clients and dogs need. Our goal is to reach your goals, and to help owners and their dogs live a happy life, without aggression or fear.

Getting Started…

If you worry that your dog is doomed for a lifetime of aggression and anxiety, please call us for help. It doesn’t matter if your dog is just starting to show early signs of aggression, or if he/she is known as the neighborhood Cujo – we will work with you and get your dog the behavioral success that they need! Call us at 412.533.3947 to schedule your initial consultation, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!


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