Board and Train vs. In-Home Training

There are lots of options for training your dog. You might have seen many that offer an “board and train experience”where you can drop your dog off and pick them up later, and they’ll be done with their training. While this is one option, we advocate for our style of in-home training, which has made the difference for a lot of people and their dogs. With board and train, you don’t have to necessarily be involved and can see the results after a session. With in-home training, we make sure the owner is as involved – this way, you can learn the commands and techniques straight from us so you know how to handle and communicate with your dog when we are not there. You also build the bond of trust and respect with your dog through training.

Build a bond with your dog through Pivotal Dog Training's in-home training program

Another benefit of training your dog in your own home is that they’ll be used to the situation. With problem behaviors that occur in your house like guarding or aggression, we get to see when, where, and how it happens so that we can specifically train the dog in that instance. This makes the learning more relevant and easier to understand for your dog. This also means that we can give you any advice you need to make your specific situation more training-friendly, whether it be moving certain things to a different area or puppy-proofing a room.

With in-home training, you get to work with us and your pet on your time and watch the changes in their understanding and behavior. Call us today at 800.649.7297 to schedule a consultation to see which program is best for you.