Don’t Let A Behavior Get Out Of Control!

Change is Possible for ANY Dog!

What the consequences of breaking a training habit? As a dog owner, you’ll always hear that you should stick to a schedule and keep things as consistent as possible for your dog. This creates a predictable learning environment that helps your dog make the associations they need between an action and a command. But what about when your dog starts to drop what they’ve learned, or picks up a new bad habit from another dog? This is perfectly common and doesn’t mean that you’ve got a bad dog on your hands. The behavior might be easy to dismiss at first, especially if you’re busy and they only do it sometimes – like a dog who begins to jump up on you, or they growl at you when you go to pet them.

Here at Pivotal Dog Training Pittsburgh we work with small and large breeds of dogs.While it might be easy to brush off at first, you’ll find that the behavior will solidify over time the more your dog gets away with it. For something like jumping up, this can be a nuisance make it hard to get things done, but consider a behavior that could be embarrassing for you or potentially dangerous like aggression. Even with small behaviors, consistence is key. Stop the bad behavior in its tracks by reverting back to their original training as the correction. Use the same command to correct your dog every time – not just when it’s easy.

Has your dog picked up a behavior that’s on the slippery scale to getting out of control? Feel free to give our expert dog trainer at Pivotal Dog Training Pittsburgh a call today at 800.649.7297 and talk about problem behaviors. We’ll meet one on one with you and your dog for an assessment to see what we can do to help you get your training on the right track.