How Anxiety Leads to Aggression

 An aggressive dog is an owner’s worst nightmare. Sometimes a dog demonstrates aggressive tendencies from the time they’re a puppy. Other times aggression develops as the dog grows or the behavior seemingly comes out of nowhere.

At Pivotal Dog Training, we know that aggression never comes out of nowhere. There is always a cause, and if there is a cause there is a solution.

dog training in pittsburghMaybe the dog was the dominant puppy, the one that won all the little wrestling matches, and he doesn’t want to give up his alpha status. Maybe you let your dog get away with little things here and there, like claiming a certain spot on the couch, and now he growls whenever someone comes near whatever he views as “his”. Sometimes aggression can be a sign of a health concern—it’s commonly known that animals will often lash out when they are in pain.

But today, I want to talk about how anxiety can lead to aggressive behavior in your dog.

Just as a dog might lash out when they’re physically stressed, they may also lash out when they’re mentally stressed. We typically see this when a big change has occurred in the dog’s environment. A new home, new family, new baby, new pet. It can all put your dog out of his comfort zone, and if there’s one thing dogs thrive on, it’s consistency.

So how do we fix this? We give your dog structure. We give him reliability. We make him feel comfortable in his own home again. Once your dog knows what to expect from you and his environment, no matter how it’s changed, he’ll relax, and you can relax, too.

At Pivotal Dog Training, we won’t label your dog as aggressive; we treat the aggression as a symptom, as a cry for help, and we answer that cry.

If you are willing to put in the time and effort, even the most aggressive dog can be transformed. Call us today to learn exactly how we can help you help your dog. (412) 533-3947