It’s TRUE! Aggressive Dogs Can Be Turned Around

Through my experiences and observations of the dog training landscape, aggressive dogs don’t get a fair chance. When a dog shows signs of aggression or performs an act of aggression, people are quick to label them as dangerous or a “lost cause”. Although your dog may seem scary or dangerous to be around, please know that aggressive behavior is similar to any other type of behavioral issue. Other trainers may not want to take the risk or tell you there is no helping your dog, but Pivotal Dog Training will prove them wrong! Here at Pivotal Dog Training we know every dog’s behavior can be rectified (barring no health issues are causing the behavior).

dog in trainingSome dogs are more susceptible to aggressive behavior due to genetics and/or personality traits, but like any other behavioral issue, aggression stems from and underlying issue. Here at Pivotal Dog Training, we observe and analyze your dog’s behaviors/interactions and address the root cause to your dog’s aggression. We take away the stimuli or situation causing the aggression and then create a solid foundation of training and structure. Once we have established a well-behaved dog with no stimuli, we will then reintroduce the stimuli and let the dog respond.

With any training, you never know how fast or how long it will take for your dog to respond positively and start showing progress. Pivotal Dog Training is a commitment-based training program that will never give up on your dog and be there until your dog behaves the way you want it to. No questions asked. With aggression we may need a little more patience, but there is no doubt in my mind that we will turn your dog’s aggression around! Please do not give up on your fury friend. Pivotal Dog Training strives to keep dogs in their homes living a happy and healthy life.

If you have been turned down before or told your dog is a “lost cause”, please give us a call at Pivotal Dog Training at 800.649.7297. We look forward to proving the others wrong and giving your dog another chance to live a happy life!