Reward-based and Commitment-based Dog Training

Here in Pittsburgh, we strive to help our canine community, and the owners that care and love their fur babies. Through professional dog training, we help dogs overcome their behavioral issues, and also teach owners how to be consistent leaders so that their dogs succeed for the rest of their lives.

Reward Based Pittsburgh Dog Training!Pivotal Dog Training is a Pittsburgh dog training company that prides itself on following a reward-based and commitment-based philosophy. Our trainer also works with owners and create customized training plan that is in accordance with the owner’s training goals and the dog’s specific personality and behavior problems. Pivotal Dog Training believes that every dog is different and works at his/her’s own pace, and therefore, we must respect this and their individuality, along with the owner’s needs and desires for their dog.

While working with a dog trainer in Raleigh we talked about how reward-based dog training uses positive reinforcement methods, as this helps the dog experience and understand what success is. The goal is to show the dog that they have a choice when it comes to their behavior, and we want to influence them to choose the better behaviors because this is what leads to them being rewarded and happy. Balance is key when it comes to training, but we never want to set our dogs up failure. Punishment is not something we want use with our dogs either. If there is problematic behavior, we must correct it. When there is good behavior, we must reward and praise the dog for doing the right thing. Along with showing the dogs the differences in their behaviors, our trainers also give owners the tools and knowledge to effectively communicate and handle their dogs. Many times, a dog will misbehave because he/she does not understand what their owner’s expectations or boundaries are. We help owners see how training must be consistent and that the best training is one that creates a bond of trust and respect between owner and dog. Fear and dominance training is not necessary to get a dog to be obedient; the same results can be accomplished through reward-based training with committed trainers and owners involved!

If you think this is a training style your dog can thrive in, call or write us, and we will develop a custom training plan and get you the lifetime results you and your dog deserve! Our offices can be reached at 800-649-7297.