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If you live in Pittsburgh or in the surrounding Three Rivers areas, and are experiencing issues with your dog’s inappropriate behavior, give us a call or drop us a line immediately! Our balanced and reward-based dog trainers are ready to create a training plan based on your dog’s behavior problems and on your training goals. We will schedule an initial in-home consultation so that our trainers can make the most informed training decisions, and get you and your pup on the path to behavioral success!

Contact Pivotal Dog Training today for the best Pittsburgh dog training! Call 412.533.3947 to reach our experienced office staff, or fill out the form below which will be sent to both our office staff and trainer!

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Our in-home dog training programs have an excellent success rate, that allows owners to become strong leaders and to acquire life-long skills that will help their dogs reach behavioral balance and harmony. As professional dog trainers, we work closely with owners until all training goals and complete satisfaction is achieved. We wish to instill not only obedience, but happiness for your dog, and to keep human and canine families together for a lifetime!

We are here to help, no matter what the issue is! We take on basic obedience cases, and will address any small issues, such as bad manners, poor leash behavior, etc. We also work with serious cases, including dogs that exhibit severe anxiety or aggression. If you have a puppy that needs training, we also offer an excellent in-home puppy training program. We do not practice breed bias, and we certainly do not turn dogs away based on issue, age, size or temperament. Contact us for professional, reward-based dog training, and we will commit to you and your dog until we get positive, long-term results!


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