Cribs & Canines: Dog Training for New Parents in Pittsburgh!

Are you both a dog owner AND an expecting parent here in the Pittsburgh area? With all the joy and pre-baby jitters you are feeling, and with the preparations you are probably making, don’t forget that this life-changing event will also affect your dog! While Bailey or Bella may be the most well-behaved dogs in the neighborhood, the changes a new baby brings to the home might bring confusion to the dog, potentially causing anxiety and other behavioral problems. Being both a dog owner and parent is a lot of work and responsibility!

The Cribs and Canines is an expecting parent training program to prep your dog for the arrival of your new baby! It teaches you as the parent and owner how to create an environment where both you and your dog can feel at ease together when you have your new baby. We will address all your concerns and training goals so that your dog will become acclimated to his new life with their new tiny family member!

We will get to the basics (and more) of obedience and focus for your dog, educating him/her to display calm manners (ie: no jumping, nipping, snatching, aggressive play, etc), while also introducing real-life situations that give the dog the idea the baby is and has been there…before your baby is even born and brought to the home! Your dog will become desensitized to the baby’s presence, the stroller, the ongoing attention the baby receives, and so forth, so that there’s no need to be anxious, fearful, territorial, aggressive, etc.

The Cribs and Canines training program is available for expecting parents, and also current parents that are growing concerned over the relationship between their baby and their dog. If you are interested in enrolling yourself and your dog in the Cribs and Canines training program, call us at 412.533.3947 or write us via our contact form!

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you bring your family together!


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