In-Home Dog Training Pittsburgh Style!

We offer expert dog training in the Three Rivers and surrounding areas!

Pivotal Dog Training offers in-home training that can address and solve any behavioral issue, whether it’s something mild like potty training or leash pulling, to something more severe like separation anxiety or aggressive biting.

Why You Should Choose Private Training…

Private training gives both dogs and owners the benefit of receiving one-on-one attention from our expert trainer. It also allows the dog to start and succeed in their most comfortable environment: in the home. After creating a foundation of obedience and focus, then we further improve the dog’s reliability by reintroducing distractions and putting them in more challenging environments.

In-home training allows the trainer to get a closer look into what might be causing the dog’s behavioral issues. Whether it is a minor or major problem, our trainers work to empower owners as leaders, while also tackling the root of the dog’s inappropriate behaviors. Structure and consistency will be instilled to help the dog succeed and feel more confident in themselves, and owners will learn how to handle and communicate with their furry companions.

Commitment Based Training that Gets Reults!

While we sometimes offer comprehensive group obedience classes, sometimes this is not the best environment for a dog, especially those that are suffering from more complicated problems. In-home dog training brings the most consistent success and allows owners to be part of their dog’s behavioral progress. This, along with the commitment-based philosophy that Pivotal Dog Training follows, there’s no room for failure, and success is just about guaranteed!

Let us get you and your dog the committed, reward-based training and positive results that you deserve! Mild or severe, we’ll help you and your dog overcome your issues, and consequently reach success that lasts a lifetime! Call 412.533.3947 or e-mail us through our contact form!


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