Pittsburgh Dog Training Success Stories!

Expert Pittsburgh Dog Training that gets results!

We have 2 older dogs and Greg has been amazing!
They pulled when we walked so much that we couldn’t take them out, they are afraid of strangers and when people came to our door they would get wild.

We have learned how to be better pet parents and when we follow the rules Greg gives us our results are outstanding.
After 4 classes in our home we can walk the dogs in a near perfect heel, they are getting better when people come to our door and we have been able to eliminate almost all of the bad behaviors we let them get away with for years.

Kim D.

We had our first class today with our 1 year old pitbull and it was a very productive and successful class! I would recommend for anyone!

Cassandra L.

Greg is very involved and informative. He focuses on your dogs behavior and how to modify it if needed. Would definitely recommend him for first time pet parents!

Abbey K.

Greg is so knowledgeable and passionate about dog training. He personally helped me with my rescue dog. His training helped break her from territorial and aggressive behavior, and he also did great leash work with her as well. It made communication between my dog and I improve. I would recommend Greg to anyone looking to improve their dogs behavior or just to brush up on some everyday commands.

Connor K.

Greg is very knowledgeable and my puppy just loves him. She responds to him right away. I highly recommend him to anyone who has an issue with anything with their dog or puppy or just wants a very well behaved pet. He is very kind and gets my puppy to enjoy being trained!

Kathy H.