Pivotal Dog Training Pittsburgh Programs

Customized Training for Dogs in the Three Rivers area!

Pivotal Dog Training acknowledges that every dog is different, with their own individual personalities, issues, and lifestyles.

We don’t turn away any dog based on their size, breed, behavioral issue, temperament, or age – we believe ANY dog can learn to be both happy and well-behaved! Many other training companies will follow a cookie-cutter style of training, where “one size fits all”. Here at Pivotal Dog Training, we embrace our dogs and their different traits, and we also create our training plans based on these traits and what the owner wishes to accomplish from training. We commit to our clients and our dogs until the job is done, whether it takes five lessons, fifteen lessons, or more!

Our training is reward-based and commitment-based, and our trainer will always meet owners and their dogs for an initial in-home behavioral consultation before beginning any training. This is to ensure a positive training plan that will suit the owner’s goals and the dog’s issues.

The following is a few things we will consider while formulating a client’s customized training regimen:

  • Owner lifestyle: work schedule, time commitments, energy levels.
  • Owner and dog environment: city or rural environment, apartment or house, the presence of children or other pets, etc.
  • Causes of behavioral issues: our trainers will dig deeper to find why your dog is acting inappropriate – the root cause could be anxiety, fear, lack of exercise, lack of socialization, the will to dominate, etc. We are not here just to make your dog obedient, but also relaxed, calm, and enjoying the life of behavioral balance!
  • Pivotal Dog Training offers very specific training programs that are bound to address all behavioral issues your dog may be experiencing:
  • Puppy Training: concentrating on the basics and helping you develop a trusting bond between you and your puppy. This will cover the puppy fundamentals, such as potty training, crate training (if desired), basic commands and manners, desensitization and socialization, and more!
  • General in-home training: this addresses basic obedience and overall minor behavioral issues.
  • Aggressive dog training: focusing on more severe behavioral issues such as biting, snapping, lunging, growling, etc.

How to Get Started..

To learn more about our training programs, methods, and what would be the best plan for you and your dog, click the above pages for each program. Still needing more after that? Then call our offices at 412.533.3947 or fill out our contact form. We’re standing by and waiting to help you!


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